3 Eyewear Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022

The world has undergone many changes in these past couple of years, and 2022 brings in an opportunity to start fresh, especially with your look. Like other aspects of the fashion industry, eyewear trends constantly change to accommodate new consumer needs. So if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to revamp your style, we have everything you could ever need to know. Here are three eyewear trends that will be huge in 2022 and how they can impact your wardrobe.

Bright and Bold Colors

One of the first eyewear trends to be on the lookout for is a distinct pop of color. Vivid hues have always been a popular aspect of accessorizing with your reading glasses. These colors make your face and eyes stand out among a crowd and provide plenty of possibilities for coordinating your outfits. Can’t decide on one shade in particular? You don’t even have to. There are ample color, pattern, and design configurations to meet your tastes.

Translucent Frames

If the bright, bold, and colorful route isn’t for you, you’re also in luck come 2022. Translucent frames are completely see-through, but they still bring out the best features of your face. They also help direct more attention to your eyes, where you can showcase your individuality and confidence. Translucent frames are a bit more modest, yet they make your look pack a unique punch. Because of this, you might find yourself surprised at just how much of a statement they can make.

Large Silhouettes

Frames with larger facial silhouettes are another eyewear trend that will be huge in 2022. Oversized glasses have a long run of popularity for their unique mix of contemporary attributes and their vintage appearance. They’re a great minimalistic piece since you can find them made from modern, sustainable materials. Yet, their broad field of view emphasizes your face’s curves, much like classic looks from the ‘60s. With these frames, you don’t have to choose between the two worlds, and your style is better off for it.

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