3 Styling Tips for Wearing Oversized Glasses

Finding a pair of trendy and appealing glasses can be challenging when you don’t know what to look for and what to avoid. One big concern for many is wondering whether oversized glasses will fit their face shape and suit their style. Here, we discuss a few quick and simple styling tips to help you wear oversized glasses without feeling awkward.

Consider the Natural Shape of Your Face

Once you factor in your face’s natural shape, you will have a better understanding of the frame shape you should look for. When the frame suits your face, you will feel more confident and comfortable, highlighting your unique style. Here are a few things to consider:

  • An oval face can wear any style
  • People with square faces should aim for a round or aviator style
  • Round faces look great in rectangle, square, or cat-eye shapes

When we look at these references, the common theme is to find a frame shape that contrasts your face shape, which will help complement your features.

Use Your Skin Tone To Pick Your Frame Color

Another great styling tip for wearing oversized glasses is to match the frame color with your skin tone. Everyone’s skin tone has cool or warm undertones. As such, a good rule of thumb is to match these natural hues with the color of the frame.

For cooler skin tones, opt for frames in shades of silver, blue, grey, or black. And for warmer skin tones, try to look for frames with earth tones, browns, and tortoiseshell patterns.

Avoid Oversized Accessories if You Can

A common trend is to wear oversized hats or scarves and big jewelry. If you can, try to avoid wearing other oversized accessories while wearing oversized frames. Often, your glasses will take precedence over any other accessory, so try not to crowd the face with too many adornments. If you need to wear a scarf or other accessories, aim for things that are standard size and complementary to your frame style.

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