5 Misconceptions About Reading Glasses Busted

As you finish your shopping trip at the supermarket and find yourself trying on reading glasses near the register for fun, keep in mind that these cheap glasses may serve a purpose. Reading glasses are unique because they get the job done without a prescription. Hold your reservations about them because we are here to bust misconceptions about their use.

You Shouldn’t Buy OTC Reading Glasses

Some people believe a pair of over-the-counter (OTC) reading glasses are a hindrance to your vision, regardless of existing strength. It’s worth noting that the best reading glasses are the ones you can buy at affordable prices in trendy designs you love.

Because these OTC readers do not require a prescription, you can buy them online, in-store, or anywhere you love to shop. The magnification of these glasses will remain the same regardless of brand or design.

If You Can See Clearly, You Don’t Need Reading Glasses

Many people believe they do not need reading glasses if they can see clearly and perfectly fine. While this may be true at a younger age, the older we get, the more eye strain we experience.

Once you reach age 40, vision issues will become more prevalent. Finding a suitable strength now can help prevent problems later and reduce your exposure to factors that increase eye strain.

Lighting Fluctuations Can Increase Blindness

One of the most common misconceptions about vision, lighting, and reading glasses is you will go blind in poorly lit environments. It’s worth noting that no one can actually go blind from reading in the dark.

With this in mind, poor lighting conditions can increase eye strain, which can induce headaches. Your eyes must work harder without adequate lighting, so consider giving yourself ample light to prevent headaches, and try not to stress about going blind.

Reading Glasses Alter Your Vision

Ultimately, suitable reading glasses can provide you with more visual clarity, but they cannot reduce your existing vision or serve as a cure for visual impairment. Reading glasses have little to no effect on your current vision strength, so you must work with your eye doctor to determine the best routes when your vision becomes an issue without reading glasses.

Your Vision Deteriorates With Reading Glasses

Regardless of external circumstances, your vision gets worse as you age. All glasses, prescription or readers, are designed to improve the quality and clarity of vision and will not deteriorate your existing vision standards. If you find that reading glasses do not help, consider increasing their power or visiting your eye doctor to receive an eye exam for a prescription pair.

AJ Morgan Eyewear is committed to busting these misconceptions to ensure you see clearly and acquire the reading glasses you deserve. Browse our unique, trendy collection of cat-eye glasses and readers today to begin experiencing the effects of crystal-clear vision!