A Quick History On Cat Eye Glasses!

She was the image of perfection, you know what I mean.... the kind of girl everyone stops to admire as she walks by. Her daring smirk and brilliance were hidden behind the sultry silhouette that designers, fashionistas, and Hollywood have deemed the cat-eye. First invented in the 1930s, this quintessential silhouette has captivated mankind for decades. Surged into popularity by the classic films like Breakfast at Tiffany's, celebrities have emulated and updated this American beauty through to the modern era. Over time, classic cat eye sunglasses have been worn by such divas as Garbo, Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and, most famously, the Empress of Sultriness, Marilyn Monroe. In short, notable characters throughout history who exuded that special flair, donned the cat eye.
There really is no question of what face shape do cat eye glasses look best on? Many consider this silhouette to be one of the most flattering for all face shapes, and yes, now even men are wearing cat eye glasses! The raised frame provides a lifting effect to the face and accentuates the jawline which contributes to the designs allure. This makes the cat-eye an increased popular choice amongst the boys who are looking to showoff a more futuristic look. Anyone is bound to catch a few more winks and stares sporting this frame!
Lately, the distinctive style has become a featured regular amongst chic reading class aficionados. Variations of cat eye readings glasses have become all the rage over the years, including the geometric cat-eye, oversized cat-eyes, the classic cat-eye and more! There's no wonder A.J. Morgan Eyewear,  the go-to destination for retro and vintage-inspired eyewear, has one of the largest collections of cat-eye reading glasses and sunglasses around ! Here you'll find cat-eye frames available in a full array of shapes from the subtle to the outrageous, black to multi-toned, oversized to petite, in all of our lens options, sunglasses, reading glasses, prescription-ready, blue-light filter, sunglasses readers and more! Arguably one of the best cat-eye eyewear collections in the business!