Best Makeup Styles for Oversized Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are a necessity for seeing text clearly in a variety of contexts, but they also help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your oversized reading glasses, try out some of the best makeup styles we’ve found. Complement your glasses with a fresh new look!

Bold Eyeliner

Emphasize your eyes behind those oversized glasses with a swipe of bold, dark liner. Line your eyes with a gel, pencil, or liquid eyeliner to draw focus toward them. Experiment with a slight wing at the outer corners for an added touch of drama.

Nude Liner and Cat Eye

Do you feel like your women’s chunky reading glasses make your eyes look smaller? This neat eyeliner trick will widen them.

Trace along your water line with a liner that matches your skin tone, then use a dark liquid liner to create a cat eye on your top lid. The nude liner opens up the eye and makes it appear larger, while the cat eye adds definition.

Balanced Boldness

If you prefer thick, bold frames on your reading glasses, you need to balance your makeup so that it doesn’t compete with your frames. Opt for a more neutral eye makeup look when you wear bold glasses and use warm, natural colors like brown, gold, and pink. These tones will enhance your natural beauty without overpowering the statement your glasses make.

Harmonizing Colors

Are you fond of brightly colored frames on your chunky glasses? Pick makeup colors that harmonize with them and create a unified look. Brown, navy, gray, and off-white are all versatile shades that pair well with most bright colors.


Avoid using too many bright colors in your makeup, as it can clash with the color of your frames and create a disjointed look. Remember, the goal is for your makeup and glasses to complement each other without competing!

The art of choosing makeup styles for oversized reading glasses can elevate your style and enhance your overall look. It’s about striking a balance between the boldness of your frames and the subtlety of your makeup—or vice versa. But more than anything, the best makeup approach is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable.