Can Using Reading Glasses Weaken Your Vision?

Supporting your vision needs can be challenging when you’re unsure what to believe about available options. You see reading glasses at the most affordable prices in the most convenient locations but wonder if they’re worth buying. Below we discuss the function of reading glasses and why everyone can benefit.

Reading Glasses Do Not Weaken Your Vision

There is a common misconception going around that reading glasses will weaken your vision and that you should only wear them if your vision is poor—this is not true. Reading glasses offer more flexibility to eyeglass wearers compared to prescription glasses. Where a prescription lens will strengthen your eyesight per your individual needs, a pair of reading glasses will magnify the contents before you and simply enhance its appearance.

With that said, they do not weaken your vision. They only enhance it. Regardless of your current eyesight level, reading glasses can support anyone due to their accessibility and range of magnifications. People 40 years of age or older tend to experience presbyopia, a natural degression of vision. Reading glasses can often support these new vision needs without needing a prescription.

The Goal of Reading Glasses

Turning to reading glasses is an excellent solution when you don’t need prescription eyeglasses but know you need vision support. Not only do they offer a range of magnifications, but they are one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

Reading glasses only have one goal: to magnify or enlarge the wearers’ viewing pane, and you will be happy with your experience, pending you are wearing the correct strength.

Choosing Your Magnification

Now that we know reading glasses will not weaken your vision, it’s essential to understand the magnification selection process to ensure the glasses you choose support your eye health. There is a range of magnification options starting at +.75 and going up to +4.00. The higher the number, the more power they possess.

You can partner with an optician to determine your perfect strength, or you can find a kiosk at the drug store and sample various options. Regardless, finding the correct strength is the name of the game.

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