Cat-Eye Glasses Shapes: How have cat-eye glasses changed over the years?

When one thinks of vintage glasses, typically, the cat-eye silhouette is at the top of everyone’s mind as a vintage classic. Most women, and in this present climate, men, are sporting the timeless style that most everyone adores and looks great in. Here, we'll take a deep dive into how this classic shape has evolved over the years and multiplied in its variations and sizes.

Revolutionizing The Eyewear Industry

The invention of cat-eye glasses dates back to the 1920's, when it revolutionized the eyewear industry as it became unique as one of the first feminine silhouettes in a masculine dominated industry. The movement behind the idea of the cat-eye was a design that made a woman feel sultry and attractive. The invention of cat-eye frames led to the innovative idea of frames that more easily contour to the face, making them more attractive and appealing, especially for women. At a time where women were beginning to explore their feminine qualities through clothing, cat-eye frames became synonymous with a successful and attractive woman.

Classic Cat Eye

The most popular and recognizable cat-eye shape of course features the notable upswept frame corners and usually are smaller in overall size. You may have seen this particular silhouette on Hollywood idols like Marilyn Monroe, and one could even say that these glasses were the defining or statement pieces of some of Hollywood's most iconic characters. Today, this style can be found in almost any large retailer and is amongst one of the trendiest sunglass styles in the industry.

Oversized/Dramatic Cat Eye

The oversized cat-eye is similar to the classic, however the frame size is larger or even bigger than necessary. This style is best for those with round faces who could benefit from the angled frame of the cat-eye which would potentially lift their cheeks where the classic cat-eye frame could be too small, having the opposite effect. Oversized cat-eyes took over during the 1960's-70's when oversized eyewear had become all the rage! Combined with the added Breakfast at Tiffany's effect, the oversized cat eye had sealed its place in eyewear history. 

Sporty Cat Eye

One of the “newer” trends taking over the eyewear industry is the sporty cat-eye. Donned by present-day influencers and models like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid, this style in all actuality can be dated back to the late 1950's when fashion designers, inspired by the space-age movement, sought to create alien-like sunglasses for runways. Fast-forward 40 years to the 90's or what some would refer to as the Y2K era, this futuristic trend reimagined itself into modern-day sportswear. Sporty cat-eyes are at the top of every major fashion blog's 2024 trend report which speaks to the continuing impact of cat-eye glasses on the eyewear industry.

Geometric/Eclectic Cat Eye

As we know, throughout the years the cat-eye has been taken on by many high-fashion designers and individualized by their own unique artistry, thus was born the geometric cat eye. Featuring upswept corners still, this style usually varies in frame size, and is often abstract in design with a polygonal-like surface. Top French and Italian fashion houses have made this style staples in their collection at a retail value of $200 - $600, however A.J. Morgan Eyewear offers low-cost and stylish alternatives.

No matter the design, it's clear that cat-eye glasses are here to stay. They continue to dominate the eyewear industry in both reading glasses and sunglasses and have remained a symbol of femininity and desirability. In search of stylish and designer cat-eye glasses? Look no further, A.J. Morgan Eyewear has one of the largest collections of cat-eye reading glasses and sunglasses in the business, at an incredibly affordable and wallet-friendly price.