Find What Readers Strength Is Right for You

Wearing the right strength reading glasses can make or break your ability to see with clarity. Not only is the right strength crucial to vision, but attempting to see through an incorrect strength can create other health-associated concerns. We created this quick guide to help you navigate choosing the correct strength of readers and selecting a pair of perfect-fit frames!

When To Consider Reading Glasses

In general, sight deterioration will begin near the age of 40, though many people may experience a decline before this due to multiple other factors. Readers are a great first step for those who aren’t quite ready for a specific pair of prescription glasses and only need assistance seeing objects up close.

If you feel—or your eye doctor determined—you’re okay without a prescription, a set of readers may be the most appropriate solution.

The Different Strengths Available

Using a dioptre unit to determine strength will help you find the best match for your needs. Strengths begin at +.75 and go to a +3.00, following a pattern growth of +.25. It’s essential to note that each lens on a pair of frames will match in dioptre strength compared to a set of prescriptions, which may tailor each lens to the corresponding eye’s needs.

With the dioptre chart, you will stand roughly 14 to 16 inches from the print and use the scale to determine which strength is most suitable for you. When you can no longer read the corresponding text, use the representing strength to denote your needs.

How To Choose the Right Type of Readers

Another way to determine your reader's strength is to use your age. If you are lucky enough to not need a custom prescription, follow the power by age chart to make your best selection.

  • 40-44 recommendations are between +.75 and +1.00 dioptre
  • 45-49 recommendations are between +1.00 and +1.50 dioptre
  • 50-54 recommendations are between +1.50 and +2.00 dioptre
  • 55-59 recommendations are between +2.00 and +2.25 dioptre
  • 61-65 recommendations are between +2.25 and +2.50 dioptre

Please note this is not medical advice or perfect for your vision needs. Consult with your eye doctor to determine the most appropriate dioptre.

Selecting a Set of Frames

Selecting a set of frames can be challenging with all the options available and personal style factoring in. Consider your style and how you like to present yourself, and then factor in your face shape. The unique part of investing in readers is the ability to add to your collection and fit your mood once you know which strength is right for you.

AJ Morgan Eyewear features a custom range of unique and trendy men’s readers perfect for every style and face shape. To get your hands on a pair of reading glasses, connect with us today! We can help ensure your strength is right and the fit is perfect.