Finding the Right Reading Glasses Lenses for You

Determining which pair of reading glasses is right for you can be challenging when many shapes and styles are available. Another factor to consider is the lens and how it will benefit your vision. Here are a few helpful tips for finding the right lenses that won’t compromise your taste for unique design aesthetics.

Determine Your Specific Vision Needs

Many people do not consider their specific vision needs until a problem presents itself, such as blurriness, focus issues, and changing distances to see things clearly. But the eyes show signs of trouble long before these issues present themselves, so understanding these signs can help you determine your specific vision needs.

Some early signs of vision distress to be mindful of include:

  • Discomfort while using a digital device or reading print
  • Increased headaches while reading
  • Unclear vision in low lighting

Detecting these signs can give you a better understanding of what to do for your vision and how to proceed with finding the right glasses.

Consider the Lens Material

Another vital step in finding the correct reading glasses is determining which material works best for you. You can choose a plastic or polycarbonate lens type; each has pros and cons.

  • Plastic lenses: Generally, most over-the-counter glasses are acrylic or plastic. These lenses are known for their clarity and affordability. Plastic works excellently for people who are busier, shuffle their glasses often, or are afraid of losing their glasses.
  • Polycarbonate lenses: In most situations where you need a pair of durable glasses to withstand the elements or external factors, polycarbonate lenses are the most suitable option. These lenses have great impact resistance.

The Different Lenses Available

After determining your vision needs and which material will serve you best, you must consider the lens strength. This is an essential factor in ensuring these reading glasses work for you. Here are some types to know.

  • High-powered strength: A magnification of four or higher is a high-power lens. These are difficult to locate, so it’s best to speak with your doctor if you think you need glasses with this strength.
  • Full magnification: These are most suitable for those who pick and choose when they want to wear their readers. The magnification is equal throughout the lens and provides stable vision.
  • Bifocals: Bifocals have uneven magnification. The top portion of the lens is clear without magnification, while the bottom portion of the lens houses a magnification of your choice. This allows you to look down to read with a focused lens or look up at everyday things without magnification. These types of lenses work best for those who are constantly switching their vision back and forth.

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