How Should Your Readers Sit on Your Face?

Anyone who needs to wear glasses has to choose their frames before they get their readers. Much of choosing frames comes down to personal preference and style, but you can’t ignore your comfort. A good pair of readers will fit your face and look good. To help you find the best fit, here’s a guide on how your readers should sit on your face.

Resting on Your Nose

One of the first things you should determine is if the frames you’re considering sit on the bridge of your nose. The bridge of the glasses should rest flush with the bridge of your nose, not pinching it or falling down.

Off Your Cheeks

The rim of your glasses shouldn’t rest on your cheeks or touch them at all. This is a sign that the frames are too big or don’t fit your nose, even if they do sit flush. If you smile and your cheeks touch your frames, then your frames aren’t a good match.

Light or No Temple Pressure

The temples of your glasses should sit comfortably on the sides of your face, not applying painful pressure as you wear your glasses. This can cause headaches and indicate that your glasses don’t fit your head.

Wider Than Your Face

A big mistake people make is getting frames that are smaller than their faces, which can easily lead to temple pressure. You want your glasses to sit just slightly wider than your face to give the proper angle for your temples.

Now that you know how your readers should rest on your face, you can start your search for the perfect pair. It may take some time to find a pair of glasses that’s both your style and fits your face, but it’s well worth the effort. Improperly sized glasses can give you headaches and further hurt your eyes. For quality frames with plenty of sizing options, check out AJ Morgan Eyewear. We have a wide selection of readers, including men’s rectangle reading glasses, so you’re sure to find what you need!