Iconic Movie Characters Who Wear Glasses

Some cult-classic movies just wouldn't be the same without iconic characters and the eyewear that helped to shape their identity. Characters who wouldn't otherwise have made an impression without the eyewear that framed their faces. It's no wonder why a pair of glasses can improve the look of an entire outfit, increase confidence, and change one's mood. Let's dive into classic eyewear styles that made an impact on the big screen!


No glasses have been featured more than the timeless and classic aviator style. Often featured in action movies and seen on characters like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, or Al Pacino in Scarface, the aviator has built a reputation as the "bad boy" of sunglasses. Even, Jon Heder, who starred as the inventive and comical character in Napolean Dynamite, contributes to this style's air of confidence and desire to be different! Check out our large selection of aviator sunglasses and reading glasses for bold and eclectic choices.

Cat Eye's

This eyewear style is all about the sex appeal! Usually worn by the story's fearless and sultry female character, this style makes the watcher either want to be her or date her. Worn by the two best friends setting out for an adventure in Thelma & Louise and by Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire. Cat-eye glasses are known for uplifting and enhancing facial features making the wearer irresistible! Take the two sisters from the famous movie The Banger Sisters, who with sunglasses in hand, dominated the scene with charisma and allure. Are you looking for where to find sunglasses in movies like The Banger Sisters? Check out our sultry cat-eye reading glasses and sunglasses

Sleek and Metal

The 90's were all about technology and the new digital universe which inspired futuristic films and experimental fashion. Movies like The Matrix and Men in Black took us into new worlds and gave us sleek, black, and metal eyewear frames. Take a look at our styles Cadet and Back Up for more ultramodern and futuristic styles. Additionally, Sandra Bullock in Demolition Man showed us round metal sunglasses had their place in the future! Check out our sunglasses Miners and Intern for round sunglasses like in Demolition Man.  

New Eclectic

In recent times A.J. Morgan's Eyewear's very own Old Coggers has been seen on Netflix's Sex Education, a witty show about a high school student's experience navigating the beginning of his teenage years. Previously out of stock, these glasses are making a comeback and are available to shop now - check them out here!
All in all, our favorite movies don't just give us impactful stories but shape pop culture and mainstream trends. They can tell a story whether on the big screen or in your everyday life. Shop vintage-inspired sunglasses and reading glasses for men and women at A.J. Morgan Eyewear and find a style similar to your favorite movie character!