Popular 90s Glasses Trends Making a Comeback

Fashion from the 90s is pulling in full steam ahead, as many pluck their favorite trends from the era. Items like baggy jeans, fanny packs, and chunky beads can be found almost anywhere you go. With some of these common fashion trends making a full comeback, the eyewear trends we loved from the 90s are also swinging full circle and making a new home for themselves in 2022 and beyond. Let’s explore the most popular 90s glasses you can expect to leave an impression!

Cat-Eye 90s Frames

The cat-eye-glasses trend has made a slow trickle into the fashion world in the last few years. But nowadays, you can expect to see them anywhere with a full plate of colors and textures.

These frames are flattering on most face shapes, making them a surefire fit for today’s evolving fashion demands. Ladies enjoy the elevation of the cat-eye appeal with the sleek lifted corners, as it draws the face upward to create a lifted facial frame.

Round Chunky Frames

Nothing makes a bold statement quite like rounded, chunky frames. With the eyes serving as the window to the soul, accessorizing them with a daring pair of eyeglasses can give you confidence, appeal, and trendy eyes. There is a lot of material space to play with colors, textures, and mixing metals, so invest in a pair of women’s chunky reading glasses when you’re ready to really elevate your look.

Full Metal 90s Frames

Unlike a rounded chunky frame, some are leaning on the side of sleekness with full metal frames. These eyeglasses offer a slimmer design with a focus on a desirable metal. You can choose rose gold, gold, or silver options to match your preference.

Some people love how they look with gold accessories, while others prefer silver tones. Regardless, a full metal pair of 90s frames is making a comeback with how minimal and light they are.

Semi-Rimless 90s Frames

Taking sleekness one step further, you can consider the semi-rimless 90s style glasses making a full-force comeback. It’s common to see semi-rimless frames with the iconic tortoiseshell top half and a slim metal, or no metal, on the bottom half of the frames.

Many are grabbing this trendy style for professional settings to elevate their everyday look. These frames offer sleek designs and come in a variety of shapes, including big, small, oval, and square.

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