Readers vs. Prescription Glasses: What’s the Difference?

Millions of Americans wear eyeglasses to assist in vision impairment, decreased clarity, or blue-light blocking technology. Because there are a variety of vision needs, each pair of glasses will house distinct technology and serve a valuable purpose. In this article, we help you understand the core differences between readers and prescription glasses with the hope you can acquire the correct pair for your lifestyle’s demands.

What Are Reading Glasses?

A pair of reading glasses will assist in unique situations and are not designed for a full-time vision correction. Reading glasses can be worn on a case-by-case basis with the intent to assist in short-term, close-range vision. Most often, adults in the age range of 35 to 45 will begin to experience what is known as Presbyopia.

Presbyopia will affect a person’s ability to see things closely, within reading distance, and a pair of readers can solve the issue. Readers come in a range of strengths based on your needs, so investing in the correct magnification is critical.

Prescription Glasses Explained

Compared to a pair of reading glasses, prescription glasses are a long-term vision correction solution designed to mitigate vision loss and strength in the eye’s natural lens. Your overseeing eye doctor will perform a series of eye exams to determine the condition and lack of your natural vision. From there, they will prescribe a lens strength that will assist, aid, and accompany your needs for full-term eyeglasses.

The Core Differences and How To Choose

One of the most significant factors when deciding which is suitable for you is whether you require a prescription or not. A pair of reading glasses can meet your short-term vision needs, but anything more extensive will require adequate examination and likely a prescription.

Commonly, vision needs such as astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness will require one of these two solutions. Partnering with your primary eye doctor will help you determine the most feasible solution.

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