Reading Glasses vs. Computer Glasses: Are They the Same?

There are so many types of glasses lenses and add-ons that exist today, and the prices pile up pretty quickly. You want to pick what’s suitable for your eyes without breaking the bank with unnecessary additions. When choosing eyewear, the most common question is about reading glasses versus computer glasses and whether they are the same.

This quick guide is here to clear up any confusion.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are great because you don’t need a prescription to get them. Plenty of drug stores and supermarkets sell reading glasses over the counter. The most common reason for needing reading glasses is a condition called presbyopia, which is the natural loss of eye elasticity as you age.

However, if you notice double or blurry vision with over-the-counter lenses, you should look into prescription lenses. You shouldn’t wear OTC lenses for extended periods of time, so make sure to give your eyes a break if you use them.

Whether you choose a modern style or vintage reading glasses, you need to make sure the lenses are the right fit for your needs.

Computer Glasses

Typically, computer glasses give you the ability to see things a little farther away. When we read a book or magazine, the words are usually closer to our eyes than a computer.

Computer glasses are also great for blocking blue light from computer and phone screens. Exposure to blue light has proven to cause quicker deterioration of eyesight and affects quality of sleep.

What’s Best for You

If you’re on the computer often or look at your phone a lot throughout the day, computer glasses are for you. However, if you just need help reading once in a while, then OTC reading glasses are a great option. Remember that if you read a lot, whether for your job or for fun, you need prescription glasses.

Overall, when it comes to reading glasses versus computer glasses, they are not at all the same. So, keep your eyes healthy no matter your age, and look stylish while doing it.