Retro Eyewear Style Trends Making a Comeback in 2022

Fashion trends are unique because they come and go like the seasons. So, if you missed out on something the first time around, you’ll have a good chance of catching it on its return mission. Eyewear trends fluctuate the same way, and right now, we’re seeing some retro styles make their mark on current buyers. Let’s look at some of the most popular glasses comebacks in 2022 that can elevate your vision!

Classic Cat Eye Frames

A classic that seems to come and go and leave an impression each time is the cat-eye frame. They’re timeless in both educational and business settings and meet a wide demographic of wearers.

Investing in cat eye reading glasses is a great way to jump on the current trends and highlight your favorite personality traits and characteristics. They’re flattering for longer faces and draw attention to the center of the face.

Geometric Cat Eye Frames

Similar to the cat-eye frame, a geometric cat eye is a new spin on an old classic. The sharp corners and flattering fit make a bold statement for rounded face shapes and can bring out a natural definition. Wearing geometric cat-eye frames makes a bold statement with a timeless contour and showcases a playful side.

Large, Bold, and Rounded Frames

The geometric frame shape is on the rise with its timeless, fearless approach. In addition, rounded frames with a bold and large structure are making a comeback. Thick rims are challenging to win over because of how much of one’s face they take up, but they are gaining traction among eyeglass wearers of all ages. These frames are for all faces shapes, so adding a pair to your collection is a must-try.

Oversized Square Frames

Oversized square frames are significantly popular and growing in demand every day. They offer a vintage look with a touch of timelessness and accompany any outfit. You can channel your inner retro spirit or pair them with a classic jeans-and-t-shirt look. Oversized square glasses are an effortless, chic way to elevate your appearance.

Flat Top Aviator Frames

Aviators never left town, but in terms of 2022 trends, the flat-top aviator is significantly popular. Aviators made a home for themselves in the frame world with the iconic sunglass shape and slowly trickled into everyday eyewear. Now, you can make a fashion statement with prescription frames and add a little personality with a unique accent.

These particularly stylish and retro comebacks are making a name for themselves in a market full of choices. Some are here to stay, and others may receive updates. To get your hands on a pair of unique and distinctive eyewear, reach out to AJ Morgan Eyewear today!