Steps To Clean Your Reading Glasses the Right Way

Surely, you have wondered if your reading glasses need a special cleaning procedure aside from a simple wipe of the lenses. If the answer is yes, your glasses will benefit from a bath. Here, we discuss the best way to clean your reading glasses that will ensure optimal usage and product protection.

Wash Your Hands Well Before Cleaning Your Glasses

Before you clean your reading glasses, the first step you should take is to wash your hands. Doing so will ensure you remove excess oils and grime from your hands before handling your frames.

Once you finish washing your hands, avoid applying additional products, such as lotions or creams, so you don’t negate the process by transferring these products to your glasses. Additionally, use this time to set the water temperature you will use during the cleaning process.

Rinse Your Glasses in Lukewarm Water

With the same lukewarm temperature you used to wash your hands, go ahead and grab your reading glasses and rinse them off thoroughly under the sink. Lukewarm water is ideal because it works best to remove buildup and grime that gets trapped in the frame joints and seams. It’s vital you use only lukewarm water because anything too hot can deteriorate any coatings you may have on your lens.

Apply A Small Drop of Dish Soap to Each Lens

Apply a rice-sized drop of dish soap to each lens and massage gently with your hands. Rub the soap through the framework and pay special attention to the crevices prone to build up and the areas that come in contact with your face. These areas carry excess oils and can contribute to your glasses sliding down your face.

If you don’t want to use dish soap, you may invest in glasses-specific cleaning solutions and follow the same steps.

Gently Scrub and Rinse

Massage the lens and frames, and work on the cracks and seams to ensure adequate cleaning. Then, run your glasses under lukewarm water to thoroughly rinse. Consider simultaneously massaging the glasses while rinsing to ensure proper removal of oils, grime, and soaps or solutions.

Use A Microfiber Cloth To Dry and Shine

When you are ready to remove the glasses from the water, use only a microfiber cloth to dry and shine them. These are best suited for delicate lenses and frames because they do not contain any abrasive fibers or knitwork.

Your glasses probably came with their own daily cleaning cloth. You may use this on the lenses once you finish the drying process. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure there is no excess water in the hinging because you want to avoid rusting of the metals.

Following these steps to cleaning your reading glasses is essential to ensure longevity and proper wear. AJ Morgan Eyewear specializes in affordable and trendy vintage glasses for men and women, and we are committed to your vision needs. Partner with our team today to learn more about glasses maintenance and care practices!