Summer Eyewear Tips To Keep Your Glasses in Great Shape

Though summer is a time for fun in the sun and long days out and about, your eyes would have to disagree. With the excess sunshine comes additional strain on your eyes. In fact, UV rays from being out all summer are among the leading causes of future eye health and vision problems. So, if you’re going to enjoy this season to the fullest, it’s vital that you have a proper pair of sunglasses or reading lenses to protect you. Here are a few summer eyewear tips to keep your glasses in great shape so that they can continue to keep your eyes safe all season long.

Store Your Glasses in Their Case

We’ve all needed to take our glasses off in a rush at some point. Whether it’s walking into a dimly lit store or coming home after a long day at the beach, it’s easy to fold up your glasses and shove them into your purse or pocket. While this might save a bit of time, you could seriously damage your favorite frames beyond repair. Because of this, place your glasses in their case when you aren’t wearing them. 

Remove Smudges Immediately

It’s also important that you remove any accumulated smudges right away. Whether it be oils and dirt from your skin or sand and sunscreen from the beach, any number of substances could find their way onto your glasses. These substances can impair your vision, to be sure, but the grime can also eat away at the frames.

Don’t Use Harmful Cleaners on Your Lenses

Stay far away from unapproved or harmful eyeglass cleaning products. It’s a common bad practice to use household cleaning chemicals, like rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or vinegar—but this doesn’t make it correct. These substances are extremely abrasive and could cause even more damage. For this reason, if you want to keep your glasses in great shape this summer, use approved lens cleaners and wipe them with a soft microfiber cloth.

Don’t Leave Your Glasses in the Car

If you’re really going to protect your eyes—and your frames—this summer, you’ll want to take your glasses with you everywhere you go. Don’t leave them in your car. The summer heat combined with the stagnation of your closed vehicle can cause the frames to warp. Plenty of people have lost perfectly good glasses this way over the years. So, you’ll want to play it safe just in case.

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