What Are the Best Glasses To Wear With Winter Jackets?

When many people think of accessorizing with their glasses, they imagine a colorful and flashy summer look. As such, it’s a bit harder to show off your personal style once winter rolls around. But just because you’re bundling up for this cold season, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a chance to stand out. In fact, it’s actually the perfect time for letting your unique flare bring some color to the snowy world. Below, you can find the answer to the question, “What are the best glasses to wear with winter jackets?” You’ll also learn how to make these looks your own. 

Aviator Frames

Aviator frames make a great addition to your wardrobe no matter what time of year it is. With their wired yet structured designs and large tinted lenses, they can work with any jacket style and make you look like a fashion icon. Because of their natural tint, they’re also ideal for blocking out the harsh glare from the sun and snow during wintertime.

Oval Frames

Oval frames are also great options for you to consider matching with your winter coats. Their sleek aesthetics and narrow shapes allow them to contrast well with angular facial features. They’re also incredibly durable and hold up well against harsh winter temperatures. One of the primary advantages of wearing oval frames, though, is their versatility. Maybe you want thick frames one day and wire ones the next. Well, with oval-shaped models, you have an infinite number of options.

Cat-Eye Frames

Like aviator frames, cat-eye models are also classic and work with any seasonal attire. Their pointed corners provide a statement-making edge, while their wide array of colors enable them to pop against the snow and muted winter scenery. So wearing these glasses this winter is sure to catch others’ eyes.

Large Rectangle Frames

Thick rectangle frames are some of the best glasses to wear with winter jackets as well. Since they’re large, they accentuate certain features on those with rounded or heart-shaped faces. This brings subtle characteristics to the forefront and creates a sophisticated, classy appearance, even while wearing bulky winter gear.

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