What Color Glasses Frame Looks Best With Your Eye Color?

Many love to get glasses frames with a splash of color, as a good orange frame or muted turquoise can really add to your face and style. However, choosing a random color can distract from your face and make it look heavy or sallow. Here’s what you should know about choosing color glasses frames that best match your eye color.

Creating Contrast or Blending In

You have two main options when choosing your frame colors. You can create contrast to make your eyes pop and draw attention to them and your frames. Or, you can choose blending colors, which will draw out different tones in your eyes and create a cohesive look.

Brown Eyes

While you shouldn’t lump all the different hues of eyes together, brown eyes will likely all match with a similar color. Your best bet is green or purple hues if you want to create contrast and make everything pop. Tortoiseshell colors and muted browns can work quite well if you want to blend.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes contrast and blend well with cooler tones. Your best bet for blending is soft blue or gray frames as they will draw attention but not overshadow your eyes. Muted browns and tortoise glasses are great for creating contrast and making blue eyes shine.

Green Eyes

People with green eyes can often benefit greatly from making their eyes pop as green is quite an unusual eye color. Warm earth tones can really make your eyes gleam thanks to the gold tones. However, you can use bright colors to make a strong contrast with your eyes like bright pinks and purples.

There’s no wrong choice between blending or contrasting when choosing your glasses. You should also consider frame shape, as large frame reading glasses for women or men can change your face shape. Getting frames comes with many choices, which is why you want to know what the best color glasses frame is for your eye color. Knowing which colors complement your eyes can help you get the frames that fit you best instead of choosing something that doesn’t.