Sunglass Readers for Men & Women

Between the harsh glare of the sun and the cheap appearance of average sunglasses, reading outdoors can be a struggle for many individuals. Fortunately, we have a broad selection of Men's and Women's sunglass readers for those looking to read in the sun. Choose between sunglass reading glasses with full lens magnification and bifocal sunglasses with only a portion of lens magnification all with strengths ranging from +1.00 to +3.00 and all with UV400 protection. They’re also available in a range of designs to suit a wide variety of different tastes and personal styles. Whether you’re interested in something more contemporary or a vintage cat-eye shape, these sun readers have just what you’re looking for. With our collection of sunglasses with reading lenses, you won’t need to compromise eye protection, vision, or style when you make the purchase. So browse AJ Morgan’s selection today to feel confident with your choice and rock the perfect sunglasses for your outdoor needs.

Find out which prescription is best for you by using our diopter chart here.

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