3 Effective Tips To Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Nowadays, many of us practically live on our devices. Whether it be our phones, tablets, or computers, we all spend a lot more time in front of a screen than we ever thought we would. While this is great for getting things done, staying connected, and simply having a good time, it can also mean trouble for your eyes. Using screens nearly 24\7 comes with a bit of tiredness and eye stress over time. Here are three effective tips to reduce digital eye strain and protect your overall optical health moving forward. 

Adjust Your Display Brightness

If you’re worried about the effect your screens have on your eyes, the first thing you can do is adjust your display’s brightness to a more comfortable level. Screens and monitors all have designated settings that allow you to turn down their lighting as needed. This can greatly decrease the amount of blue light you expose your eyes to during and reduce the resulting fatigue. Experiment with different brightness levels to see which ones make you the most comfortable.

Take Frequent Breaks

Taking breaks from your screens is also a big help. When your eyes are exposed to blue light for several hours at a time, they’ll get tired. Walking away from the screen for fifteen minutes or even simply diverting your gaze away from it for a short time can refresh your eyes and cut down on these symptoms. So, go for a walk outside, get a drink, or look out the window. Taking breaks is a great way to protect your eye health.

Wear Protective Glasses Near Screens

The best and most effective tip to reduce digital eye strain is to purchase a pair of blue-light blocking glasses. They’re designed with special lenses to limit the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, and they’re even compatible with your optometry prescription. As such, you can find the perfect pair for your eyes no matter the current measurement of your vision.

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