5 Healthy Eye Habits You Should Adopt

In honor of Healthy Vision Month, which is celebrated every year in the May by the National Eye Institute to stress the importance of the health of our eyes, here are 5 healthy habits you should adopt to ensure the best preventative care for your eyes.

Eat Healthy Food

It's no secret that a healthy and well-balanced diet is the key to any healthy lifestyle, and the same applies to your eye health. The National Eye Institute suggests fruits and veggies, leafy greens, and poultry as vital parts of a nutritious diet. 

Yearly Eye Exams

Is your vision blurry or have you been squinting a lot? Are you having trouble seeing things you didn't have trouble seeing before? Sometimes even subtle changes to our vision are signs of a decrease in eye health and some signs we may not even notice. That's why it's important to maintain annual eye exams to catch these changes early and to take whatever precautions are needed quickly. 

Protect Against UV Rays

Just as we wear sunscreen to protect our skin, we must also protect our eyes by wearing full UV400-protected sunglasses. UV400 refers to the protection against the highest wavelength of the UV spectrum and can filter out up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays, making A.J. Morgan Sunglasses amongst the ultimate level of security you can have. 

Safely Handle & Store Eyeglasses and Contacts

If you've been keeping up with your yearly eye exams and your optometrist recommends you start wearing glasses and/or contacts it's important to safely handle, store, and clean your eye gear. Steps like washing your hands before handling and knowing how to clean these items are more significant than you may think. If you've ever wondered if you've been cleaning your glasses properly check out our blog Steps to Cleaning Your Reading Glasses the Right Way for more information.

Limit Use of Digital Devices or Wear Protective Eyewear

Lastly, with the constant evolution of technology, digital devices have become more and more ingrained into our everyday lives and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon. The National Eye Institute suggests you limit the use of digital devices as much as you can but for those moments when these devices are necessary, we suggest you invest in a pair of blue-light filtering glasses. These glasses are made with digital blue-light filtering technology and aid against damage to the eyes, headaches, and insomnia. 
All in all, glasses, of any form, are an essential part of forming healthy eye habits. Whether it's sunglasses for protection against UV rays, blue-light glasses for protection against harmful digital blue light, or reading glasses for those times when we need a little extra assistance, A.J. Morgan Eyewear is your place to shop for eclectic, unique, and vintage-inspired styles.