3 Signs That You Need To Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Technology has quickly become a part of our everyday lives, and our eyes experience the brunt of it. From checking our smartphones to completing work projects on your computer, your eyes take in more than just what’s on the screen. Ever heard of the mysterious blue light? Well, all devices produce it, and it can harm your vision without you even realizing it. So, if you’re wondering whether you should prioritize protection, be on the lookout for these signs that you need to wear blue light blocking glasses.

Using Devices for Over 10 Hours a Day

The first major indicator that you could benefit from blue light glasses is how much of your time you spend on technology. It’s become all too easy to let hours tick by as we scroll through social media. In fact, before many of us know it, we let the entire day slip away. Since this amount of time in front of a screen can put excess strain on your eyes, it’s recommended that you use blue light glasses if your habits take up more than 10 hours daily. 

Frequent Headaches and Eye Strain

You might also need to purchase blue light glasses if you find yourself developing regular headaches and eye strain around your devices. Blue light penetrates deeply into the eyes, putting additional stress on them. This can result in a series of different symptoms such as blurry vision, difficulty focusing, and, in more severe cases, headaches. As such, protecting yourself from this light when you can is key to staying bright and focused throughout your day.

Struggling To Fall, and Stay, Asleep

Blue light can even hinder your ability to get quality rest. That’s why another common sign that you need to wear blue light blocking glasses is a series of restless nights. These rays stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for producing energy—a lot like how sunlight energizes us in the morning. So, if no amount of tossing and turning helps in your quest to snoozeville, it could be that your technology has made it that way.

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