4 Tricks To Wear Oversized Glasses if You Have a Petite Face

Oversized frames are the pinnacle of fashion. Bold, stylish, and fun, these glasses make it possible to take the world by storm in your own unique way. However, for those with a petite facial structure, it can seem as though you’ll never get to reap these benefits for yourself. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that there are several ways to get these frames to work with your look. You just need to know how to approach buying them. Here are four tricks to wear oversized glasses if you have a petite face. 

Find Models With a Narrow Bridge

Part of what makes oversized glasses appear so large is the longer bridge they tend to have above the nose. This bridge accommodates those with more distance between their eyes and makes for a more comfortable fit. But for individuals with petite faces, this feature makes it more difficult for the glasses to rest properly, often leading them to fall off. So, if you want a pair of oversized glasses to rock during outings, finding frames with narrower bridges and smaller nose pads is key.

Don’t Go Too Big

It’s also important that you don’t get frames that are too large when shopping for oversized reading glasses. Since you already have a petite face, you don’t need excessively large frames to achieve the oversized look. As such, you can purchase a pair that’s much smaller to help maintain a balance between your proportions. This way, you get glasses that fit properly while creating the bold, oversized style.

Pick the Right Frame Shape

Selectively picking the shape of your oversized frames can help as well. For instance, rectangular models will look better on rounder faces, and circular frames tend to better display angular facial features. The same rule applies for those with smaller faces. Though your face is petite, you still have a specific shape to keep in mind. So, make sure you find the right frame design to complement your best assets if you want to make the most of your selection.

Get Them Custom Made

The most effective trick to wearing oversized glasses if you have a petite face is to get them custom made for your needs. Though there might not be a pair on the shelf that works with your particular facial structure, there are several ways to design them on your own. Not only does this give you the power to choose the pattern, shape, and color scheme, but you also can downsize your frames to better suit a small face. You’ll still have all the effect of an oversized pair with dimensions that work for you.

At AJ Morgan Eyewear, we’re committed to ensuring all our customers have access to the glasses they want. As such, we carry a wide variety of women’s oversized reading glasses to suit your distinct needs. Regardless of your face shape or size, we have frames that will give you the look you want, and we’ll work with you to find them.