4 Ways To Prevent Foggy Reading Glasses Lenses

Wearing reading glasses regularly means experiencing a range of annoyances. You may expect things like frames sliding down your nose, which are preventable. But another occurrence that may come as a surprise is lens fogging and the inability to see temporarily as a result. Here, we explore tips and tricks to keep fog at bay and your vision clear.

Invest in Anti-Fog Sprays

It’s common to experience fog during the winter months from drastic temperature changes, such as going from outdoor to indoor settings or vice versa. Completing your tasks without pesky fog appearing is vital, so consider investing in anti-fog sprays or wipes to help keep the lenses clean and clear. This isn’t a forever solution, though.

Don’t Underestimate Shaving Foam

You might have heard an older family member suggest the old shaving foam trick. If you can’t get wipes or sprays specific to anti-fog measures, try shaving foam if you have it in the bathroom. Just a small dab will go a long way and saturate the lens. After applying the shaving foam, let it dry on the lens entirely before buffing it away. The result will be a thin layer of coating over your glasses that helps mitigate the effects of fogging on your reading glasses lenses.

Ensure Frames Have Proper Circulation

Understanding why the fog occurs can help you improve your ability to combat it effectively. The primary reason for most foggy glasses is because of a lack of circulation when extreme temperature fluctuations occur in your immediate environment.

For example, it can happen when going in and out of a heated home on a frigid day. Ensure your glasses sit a fair distance from your face to allow for optimal air circulation between your face and the lens. This can increase circulation and reduce fog altogether.

Consider a Water Repellent

Using a water-repellent spray or similar product is an excellent way to prevent foggy reading glasses lenses in addition to other water-related issues. The coating will add a thin layer of protectant to your glasses, similar to shaving foam coating, and combat excess moisture in the environment from hindering your vision. It’s ideal to choose a repellent with a 24-hour protection rating. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself constantly reapplying it.

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