Plastic vs. Metal Frames: Which Is Right for You?

On the surface, reading glasses are just reading glasses. But when we peel back the various layers that make eyewear unique, we can see that materials matter. Choosing between plastic or metal frames is a tough debate, and we’re here to help you choose the right pair of readers for your lifestyle, personality, and budget.

Do You Have a Budget?

There is a considerable financial difference between metal and plastic frames, and this may help you determine which type suits you. Plastic is generally more budget-friendly, which is something to consider when you need a simple, affordable pair.

Metal may be a more worthwhile investment if you need something long-term and high-quality with a distinct personality. If you are on a budget or budget does not matter, these distinct differences can clearly identify which material will serve you best.

Consider Your Individual Style

When budget is not a factor you need to consider, consider your individual style and preferences when comparing metal and plastic. The primary objective of the glasses will be the same regardless of the material, but the way you appear will be drastically different. With plastic, there is typically a vast range of colors and thicknesses to choose from, but with metal, the style choices focus more on shape.

For those who wish to remain trendy, chic, and at the front of fashion, choosing plastic is generally the safest option because of the wide variety of choices and features. And for those who much prefer a classic, timeless appeal, metal will serve you best with a clean, sleek design aesthetic.

The Durability Differences Between Plastic and Metal Frames

Materials don’t matter much regarding the wear and tear a pair of glasses will endure. Taking them off, setting them down, and losing them is all part of the game. It’s just a matter of choosing which material you want to destroy first. It’s worth noting that you can deter damage with enhanced care and handling, but life isn’t perfect, and neither is your ability to protect your readers.

Plastic frames are typically less durable than metal; with this, it’s safe to say that plastic offers more flexibility. Metal will withstand the impacts of life’s various forces much better than plastic, though. Choosing a material that suits your lifestyle demands, whether you spend hours exploring the city or simply like to read at home, is ideal.

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