Find the Right Reading Glasses Fit With These Tips

We often put lots of effort into finding the most stylish pair of frames when we go to buy glasses. After all, we want them to look good on us when we’re out and about. However, if anything is more important than how they look, it’s how they fit on your face. Several key components go into constructing a pair of glasses, and all of them impact how they feel when you wear them. Fortunately, we’re here to take some guesswork out of the equation. Find the right reading glasses fit with these helpful tips and tricks. 

Take Your Facial Measurements

As you begin searching for the perfect pair of specks, you should know your fundamental facial measurements. No two people have the same face shape or size. As such, glasses manufacturers make frames in varying dimensions to ensure that they have something for everyone. The primary measurement of frames goes from hinge to hinge on either side. Frames can range from a very narrow 123 millimeters across to a very wide 141 millimeters. Because of this, you must know how much space you have between your temples. Make sure to measure your desired height to narrow down your search further.

Know What Works With Your Face Shape

It’s also important to note what types of frames typically fit your face better. Generally speaking, those with rounder faces tend to benefit from rectangular-shaped or pointed frames. Those with angular features, on the other hand, often find that rounder glasses fit them better. Knowing what shape and size are best for your face can make it easier to narrow down the pair that suits those specifications.

Pay Attention To Bridge Comfort

Along with overall dimensions and shape, finding the right reading glasses fit also means paying attention to the size of their bridge. The bridge is the piece that arches over the bridge of the nose. Therefore, it’s key to keeping them in place on your face. There are several types of bridges. Some of them can be uncomfortable, depending on your facial features. Because of this, you’ll want to measure the space between your two lenses to determine the best fit for you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Above all, though, make sure you’re taking time to experiment with different types of glasses. Even after you’ve found the right size and shape, glasses can still feel slightly different depending on the brand and model. For this reason, take some time to try on multiple pairs—maybe even perform a trial run on a few pairs before committing to the purchase. This way, you know you’re getting the perfect fit.

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