Helpful Tips To Keep Readers From Sliding Down Your Nose

We’ve all been there, the dreaded glasses slip. It usually happens at the most inconvenient times and locations. Luckily, there are several ways you can prevent this from happening, regardless of the type of glasses you wear. In this article, we help you identify the nuisance and provide a few tips on how to solve the problem.

Why Your Glasses Are Slipping

To keep your glasses from sliding down your nose, we must first try and understand why this happens. For many, it’s because the frames are too big for their face. When this isn’t the issue, other factors may contribute, such as oily skin, imbalanced frame arms, a narrow nose bridge, or heavy frames in general.

If you suspect the issue is any of these factors, here are a few tips on addressing it.

Oil-Free Cleansers

If you notice that the glasses slide down your nose most often when you experience increased sweat or oily skin, you can try an oil-free cleanser that will remove leftover oils from your face. This is not a fix for everyone because oily skin is not always the culprit. Still, it is a great place to start, especially if the glasses are the right size.

Invest in Straps or Bands

An easy solution for the sliding is a frame strap or band. These carefully fit the frame arms and have a pulley cord to secure the glasses to the head. These are great for kids or younger eyeglass wearers who experience more carefree movement with glasses.

Additionally, a strap or band works well for those in physical activities. Generally, straps are one size fits most, so this is a feasible option for everyday use.

Tighten the Frames

In some cases, the issue is not the nose but the glasses themselves. Sometimes, the arms are not tight enough around the head to keep a firm enough grasp.

Consider having your eye doctor tighten the arms to fit your head better. This is usually only a temporary solution, but it is highly effective. Over time, the glasses will experience loosening with everyday wear and use, and you will need to adjust the arms again.

Nose Pads

When the frames are the perfect fit but your nose bridge is narrow, a set of silicone nose pads can solve the issue. These will help the glasses fit snugly against your bridge without increasing discomfort. This is usually the most common fix for small children because as they grow, you can remove the peel and stick pads, and the glasses may continue to fit.

Here at AJ Morgan Eyewear, we understand the importance of securing glasses to your face and keeping them from sliding down your nose. We offer a wide range of unique and custom-fit cat eye readers for everyday use. Connect with us to learn more about custom-fit eyewear solutions.