Tips for Choosing Cat Eye Glasses for Your Face Shape

Many types of frames and glasses styles are available for purchase. However, some glasses look a lot better on certain face shapes than others. Most of it comes down to styling choices. This article will cover choosing cat eye glasses and how they can best match your face shape.

Round Faces

Cat eye frames can complement a few different face shapes, but the best match is a round face. The feature that blends well with these frames is rounded cheeks, as the glasses flatter the entire face.

Full Jawline

These angular glasses also work well if you have a defined jawline. Cat eye readers can really add some dimension and dynamic looks to your face when your jaw is sharp. Try thicker frames to really make the glasses pop with your natural features.

Sharpening Your Features

One of the main benefits of choosing cat eye readers is they sharpen your features. If you want more definition to your face, then these glasses can really bring it! These glasses work best with round faces, but you can benefit from the extra sharpness if that’s what you want.

Tips for Finding the Right Pair

It’s important to narrow down your options when choosing your cat eye glasses. Be sure that the glasses aren’t wider than your face; well-fitted glasses will create a more angular look to the frames. You should look for thick frames if you have a full jawline, as they will sharpen your features.

While a round face is the best face shape for cat eye glasses, you can still get them if you think they fit you. It’s important that you like the glasses and believe they work well with your style. As long as you’re happy with the look, that’s all that matters when choosing cat eye glasses.