What do "Eternal" round eyeglasses say about you?

Round is the shape identified with infinity. There is no beginning. There is no end. Simple yet symbolic, this silhouette has taken on various designs throughout fashion and eyewear history, all with a minimalist and practical nature. Let's explore the eternal round glass identity and why this shape will continue to be around for a long time to come!


A Quick History on Round Eyeglasses
The round style is said to date as far back as the 13th century and was later used to correct astigmatism in the 18th century. Fast-forward a few decades later, the round shape exploded into popularity in the 1880s and became synonymous with free-spirited and unconventional identities. Consequentially, those drawn to the round silhouettes may have had a spiritual bent, like Ghandi or the Deli Lama. One could almost speculate that there's a possible correlation between the frame and the person! What we do know is that cylindrical lenses have been worn throughout history by great minds and out-of-the-box thinkers, be it our 26th president Theodore Roosevelt or a more modern hero like John Lennon. 
Additionally, round frames could be considered more pragmatic than other styles. Historically, eyeglass lenses were made into round shapes because of the difficulty and skill required to fit glass into other configurations. Circular styles made of glass were generally less expensive to produce because they required less time and materials. Now, with the introduction of plastic, lenses can come in a variety of dynamic shapes at affordable pricing, and that's what A.J. Morgan is all about.
Why choose A.J. Morgan Reading Glasses and Sunglasses?
We at A.J. Morgan have explored the round shape in eyewear extensively for many decades. Keeping in mind everyone's varying preferences, we are constantly expanding our collection to include an assorted mix of eclectic styles, like the petite peek-a-boo style and our style Aleko, for those of the John Lennon frame of mind. Of course, we could never neglect our fashionistas who clamor for the dramatic oversized O available in readers and sunglasses, like our styles My Privilege and My My. So the next time you cross your legs to meditate, whether that be outside sunbathing on the beach or comfortably in the middle of your living room, we hope you’re wearing a pair of AJ Morgan’s…and then start transcending.