Four Ways To Stop Losing Your Reading Glasses

Whether or not your reading glasses are prescription, they are essential to your day. When you lose them, you may feel as though you have lost your vision altogether. There are several ways to combat this issue. These are some simple ways to stop losing your reading glasses and get back to your tasks with clarity.

Designate a Safe Place for Your Glasses

Designate a safe place for your glasses when you take them off. This might be up high and away from kids or animals, or it might be the same place every time. Regardless of where this space is, consider it the one place you’re free to set them down to avoid ensuing panic when it’s time to put them back on.

Create a Routine

Another way to curb the panic of losing your glasses is to create a routine. If you go about your day in a routine, build in a time and place to take your glasses off and on. If you are someone who is more structured and thrives on consistency, a routine is a safe way to accommodate your wearing habits and keep track of where you last set your glasses.

Invest in a Glasses Cord

If you are not a routine person, and you lose your reading glasses habitually, it may be time to invest in a glasses cord. These are a fun and fresh way to wear your glasses off your face and stop losing them altogether. You can invest in a uniquely designed cord that highlights your personality and flair or change the cord out as the holidays and seasons shift. Have fun with it!

Use a Case

Since over-the-counter reading glasses often don’t come with a case, you could invest in an eyeglass case to store them in. This may help you locate them more easily. You can also designate the eyeglass case to a specific spot in your home, and this will help you track down your reading glasses with ease when you need them.

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