Interesting Tips and Myths About Eye Health

The eyes are a fascinating organ. Able to take in information and transmit it directly into the brain, this area of the body is among the most vital for building our perception of the world. However, as far as modern medicine has come in recent decades, there’s still plenty of misinformation circulating the grapevine about our eyes. In fact, while you grew up believing certain things about your eyesight, they may have since been debunked. Here are some interesting tips and myths about eye health to remember. 

Having 20/20 Vision Means Your Eyes are Healthy

Like with any vital organ in the body, the health of your eyes is dictated by their overall performance. For many, this often means that they have perfect vision. However, it’s possible to see with 20/20 clarity and still have some underlying issues. For instance, just because your see clearly from the front, you could still experience blurriness along your peripheral or even struggle with seeing certain colors. These conditions don’t affect your ability to see so much as they deal with the health of your eyes’ inner components. So, it’s recommended that you still see an optometrist if you experience these symptoms.

Poor Lighting Can Hurt Your Eyesight

It’s also a common misunderstanding that poor room or reading light can harm your eyesight. While this aspect of your environment certainly doesn’t help, it’s not the lighting itself that hurts your eyes. Believe it or not, it’s the act of squinting for long periods that starts to create a detrimental effect. Squinting to increase your focus puts additional strain on your eyes, overtaxing them and eventually impacting your vision. Because of this, it’s recommended that you break this habit, and turn up the light when necessary. But sitting in a dim room isn’t enough to harm your eyes.

Sitting Too Close To a Screen Worsens Your Vision

Another interesting myth about eye health to consider is the age-old belief that sitting too close to a screen can ruin your eyes. We’ve all probably heard it at least a few times from our parents growing up that the television will make us need glasses. But this simply isn’t true. Though the TV can cause eyestrain over long periods of time, it isn’t inherently harmful to sit in front of it. It’s important to note, however, that sitting very close to the screen to see is often a sign you might be nearsighted and require the aid of corrective lenses.

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