The Difference Between Readers and Prescription Eyeglasses

While it’s common knowledge that glasses come in a plethora of different shapes, sizes, and designs, we all perceive these accessories as the same at their core. After all, they all help us see better and add a bit of personal flair to any outfit we wear. However, glasses don’t all perform the exact same function, and two types are often mixed up. Here, we’ll discuss the difference between readers and prescription eyeglasses and how to choose between them. 

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are pieces of eyewear specifically designed to help bring closer items into focus. They’re for general use and don’t require a prescription to help improve a person’s vision. This is why they’re most commonly used by those who need assistance reading, writing, or performing other close-up activities. It’s important to note that reading glasses don’t correct the wearer’s vision problems. Rather, they simply help with a few tasks throughout the day and aren’t worn all the time. 

Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses, as their name suggests, use specialized prescription lenses to correct a person’s vision. If you happen to have glaucoma or astigmatism, for instance, these lenses will work to reduce the impact of those conditions to improve your vision. Though prescription glasses can improve near and far vision, they’re a lot more customizable to your specific health needs. Because of this, prescription glasses tend to be more expensive than readers and take more time and consideration to purchase.

Deciding Which Is Best for You

As you can see, there are several key differences between readers and prescription eyeglasses. As such, it’s crucial that you put a lot of careful consideration into picking the one that’s best for your vision needs. You’ll want to visit an optometrist to get a better understanding of your current eye health. Your doctor will perform a thorough examination of your eyes and determine whether you have any underlying conditions affecting your vision. If you don’t, you may be able to get by with a pair of readers. However, should they find something, you may need prescription lenses to properly correct the condition.

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